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14 Wing Greenwood has unveiled a VP International monument to honour the crew members of land-based Maritime Patrol Aircraft who have lost their lives in the performance of their flying duties while serving in all theatres of maritime flying operations during the past 50 years.

The monument is located at the main entrance to CFB Greenwood and was unveiled by Lieutenant-General A.M. DeQuetteville, with a full dedication ceremony on the 28th September 1997.

VPI MEMORIAL DEDICATED 28 SEP 97-Under clear skies and light breeze the VPI Memorial was dedicated to the over 1,400 aviators who died flying Maritime Patrol aircraft since 1950. Representatives from Spain, UK, Italy, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, USA and Canada MP/VP communities laid wreaths in memory of their fallen comrades. Wreaths were also laid for Japan, Portugal, Germany, Norway and New Zealand. Also dedicated was the Book of Remembrance listing every casualty we were able to research. The Book will be kept on display for the public in the 14 Wing museum. So if you are in our area please drop in. Photos and a copy of the Book of Remembrance will be on our home page in the near future.
Bert Campbell, President, VP International... bertwin@istar.ca sends.

28 September 1997

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