VPI Memorial Dedication
28 September 1997

LGen DeQuetteville General Salute {Commander Cdn Airforce} VAdm Maddison General Salute {Commander Cdn Navy} Inspection Guard Of Honour LGen and Guard Cdr Inspection Guard Of Honour Col Allard {14 Wing Commander} Unveiling the Plaque Admiring the Plaque Maj (Ret) Norm Donovan - Book of Remembrance Trumpet - Last Post Pipe Major MacPherson - Lament CANADA - LGen DeQuetteville Capt De Corvette Marchal Italy Col Fiort + Capt Sarto Italy - Col Fiuri Capt Sarto Japan - LCol Hudson CO 14 SES Netherlands Cdr Kooimitn New Zealand - LCol Bourduas WOpsO Norway - LCol Henneberry CO 415 Portugal - LCol Kennedy CO 404 UK- Air Commodore Neal 11/18GP Capt Morrell C/S COMPARKEF Capt Bruce Darcy COMPATWINGS RES FORCE LGen DeQuetteville Departs VAdm Maddison Departs Col Allard Departs Col Allard Present Arms to The Colours VPI Memorial Left Stone Right Stone

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