VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Nine - Held 24 Mar 06

VPI Calgary

Ninth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri 24 Mar 06.

1. E/On @ 1130  (Garth was there first)

  2. In Attendance: Don Little (someone has to make notes and compose minutes), Garth Irvine (early bird no snow today), Dave Watson (always available), Mike Luxton (slack day at the recruiting centre) and Dan McLean (his own boss at Encana).

  3. Regrets: Austin Hayes (medical), Brian Kaban (son's operation) and Bill Moir (still registered as a member, although, work pressures preclude daytime attendance).

  4. An interesting couple of hours: Hey, five VPIers around the table at the same time can make for some interesting conversation. Topics varied from as far back as the Lancaster and Neptune (Dave was the expert) thru the Argus (Garth & Don) to the Aurora (Dan) and finally the 737 possible replacement for the P3 (Mike). Who could possibly ask for more expertise than this? Faking-it also had its input! 

  5. Some not-so-good news: Our senior man, Austin Hayes, has been laid up with a bad hip that refuses to heal properly. Another hip-op in January, followed by setbacks due to weakened ligaments, is keeping him house-bound at least till the end of this month. Hopefully, he'll be able to join us for our next outing in June. GWS, Austin. Brian Kaban, our junior member and currently an active pilot with AC Jazz, sent regrets due to recent and ongoing medical problems of son, Nolan, who has just undergone thoracic surgery to remove a bronchogenic cyst. Prognosis is good and Brian says that he (B) will be with us for the next one and that it'll be "his round" (that should bring out a full house).

  6. Greetings from the east coast: Bob Ruohoniemi (Halifax Wing HQLO) sent greetings to the Calgary bunch from the "Bluenosers". He and Lloyd Graham (ZX) have recently been think-tanking (oxymoron?) suggestions as to ways of keeping VPI alive and well for the next five years or more (five years! has it come to this?). Also working on ways to improve liaison between active VPI groups in Canada. Top of the list is website development, which is certainly the easiest access for sharing ideas and events. Unfortunately, other than the Headquarters gang in ZX and Bert Campbell's Canada email list, it would appear as if only Calgary (not an official Wing), with Dan McLean as Web O, and Halifax, with Bob Gaede as Web O, have the only expertise in publishing websites. In any event, at least for now, the Cowboys from Calgary truly appreciate the good words from their Halifax counterparts.
  Also, Gus Methven (stalwart member & Sec O of the HZ Wing) forwarded some recent pics of Orest Cochkanoff's 80th birthday, taken at their recent meeting. From us "cowboys" to you, Orest, c-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s on the BIG 8-0 !
  And, last but not least, out of the east coast, comes word of Lloyd Forward's recent election (military style) to the position of da Prez, VPI Halifax. Congrats to you, too, Lloyd.

  7. Sad news out of Edmonton relates the passing of one of our Alberta VPI comrades, Bill Muise. Our sincerest condolences go out to his wife, Alice, and family. 

  8. VPI Alberta Get-together: Our last minutes (#8, 2 Dec 05) made mention of a possible provincial gathering in either Red Deer or Innisfail sometime around the end of May or early June. Gord Jeffrey was to be OPI, however, it would appear as if Gord has other things on his mind. To my knowledge, no one has heard anything more on this subject so, ufn, the rendezvous in central Alberta is a back-burner issue. Perhaps Ed Solleveld (VPI Edmonton) can resurrect these plans (for the fall or next year).

  9. Options: Aircrew Association of Southern Alberta is still looking for  "young blood". Meetings every Thurs at noon, in the Armouries. Air Force Association (783 Calgary Wing) meets monthly (last Friday) from Sep thru Jun, at the Legion (9203 Horton Rd SW). Call "Steve" for details: 258-3607 or talk to our own Dave Watson who is a member.

  10. Best wishes to "Mr. VPI", Herb Smale, from all of us here at VPI Calgary for a speedy, successful and stress-free recovery from recent bypass surgery. You're the man, Herb!

  11. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org      Webmaster is Dan McLean: navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

  12. Next gathering:        Fri. Jun 16th @ 1130-1330.   Mewata Armouries.    Book it!

  13. E/Off @ 1330

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