VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Eight - Held 02 Dec 05

VPI Calgary

Eighth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 2 Dec 05

1. E/On @ 1130

2. In Attendance: Don Little (as usual), Dan McLean (Encana let him loose for a couple of hours), Dave Watson (a stalwart supporter and now full-time if we can continue on Fridays), Garth Irvine (in from Okotoks on a snowy day), Mike Luxton (recruiting centre gave him a lunch pass, for a change) and Brian Kaban, (AC Jazz flight landed on time). This is the first time we've had six stalwarts gather since, probably, our first time (way back when). Main reason was that we were paying tribute to our fallen comrade, Ron Lorenz.

3. Regrets: Austin Hayes (white-out conditions in Cochrane) and AWOL: Bill Moir (reason unconfirmed, but probably due to pressures at work).

4. Good time was had by all. Appears as if being able to now use the Mess facilities on a Friday might just be the catalyst that we've been awaiting. Thursdays were okay, however, there was always the minor conflict of sharing space and time with the Aircrew Association. Not that it was such a bad deal and it should be stressed that the ACA still desires that our members join that organization (they're looking for some younger bods to carry the torch great idea and strongly recommended for those of us with time on our hands).
Lots of enlightening conversation around the table mostly about flying (past and present). Nothing formal but that's the way we like it here in Cowtown. The fact that departure wasn't until almost 1400 is evidence of an interesting and successful gathering. Dan had his digital and proof-positive is attached to these minutes.

5. In Memory of Ron Lorenz: In well established VPI tradition, glasses were raised on high and a toast given to our recently departed friend and colleague. Ron had just recently finished a stint as the Prez of the Aircrew Association and had been very instrumental in assuring the success of our small VPI group here in southern Alberta. A trip to Edmonton to join in VPI camaraderie with our northern brothers had been a recent highlight before succumbing to that dreaded cancer. His funeral, on the 25th of November, was attended by a number of VPIers who joined with thirty members of the ACA to conduct a traditional Poppy Ceremony. We will miss you, Ron. May you rest in peace!

6. Numbers: What started to be the "Dirty Dozen" in our membership has now decreased to a "Straight Eight". Not to worry, as long as we can get four or five out at any given time (hell, that's usually all they get in Halifax monthly). This gathering, with 6 of 8 gave us a 75% attendance and not even the feds and their multitude of elections can lay claim to that fame. 

7. VPI Alberta Get-together: Just to re-iterate from the minutes of our last meeting in Edmonton on the 14th of October (see 7th Gathering recap), that we have a commitment by all (Calgary and Edmonton) to gather in either Red Deer or Innisfail sometime around the end of May or early June of next year (2006). Gord Jeffrey (Edmonton) has a brother in Innisfail who is a member of the Legion there and who, hopefully, will be assisting in arrangements. More news at a later date.

8. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org 
Webmaster is Dan McLean: navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

9. Next gathering: Fri. Mar 24th @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!

10. E/Off @1350

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