VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Seven - Held 14 Oct 05

VPI Calgary

Seventh Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri 14 Oct 05.

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1. E/On @ 0600 (that's the time that Little set out from Calgary's deep south)

2. Attending: Dave Watson (driver), Dan McLean (web o), Ron Lorenz (passenger, from afar) and Don Little (pseudo prez).

3. AWOL: All the rest of the Calgary group. Only "regrets" came from Austin Hayes whose bionic hip was generating problems.

4. Route & Destination: Firstly, the destination – VPI Edmonton semi-annual meeting, to which VPI Calgary had been invited. Secondly, the route. Little managed to find his way to Watson's in the southwest. This twosome, by chance and in the dark found McLean somewhere in the central Elbow River area and then the fun began. Next stop, for Lorenz, was in the farthest-on-circle in the northwest area of Rocky Ridge. Finally, daylight and back roads through the hills to Airdrie and the highway north to Edmonton. Red Deer next and a stop for coffee and donuts, then onward to Edmonton where we had been invited to partake in a semi-annual get-together with some of our VPI brothers in the provincial capital. Talk about "walk the talk" and "talk the walk". 'Twas a great trip northward, with arrival at the Kingsway Legion (Edmonton Muni area) at precisely 1100, bang on ETA ( not bad for 3 Navs and a pilot). Seeing as the meeting wasn't scheduled to start till 1130, a half-hour elbow bending respite (warm-up period) ensued.

5. Minutes of the VPI Alberta Gathering: Hey, check the name "VPI Alberta".  This blessed event has been Little's dream since departing the maritime fix (Halifax) in 2002. Minutes, below, were drafted by Bob Hopper (VPI Edmonton, HWIC) and have been embellished, in spots, by Little, using Bold Italic.

   The third semi-annual meeting of the Edmonton VPI Club was held at the Kingsway Legion 14 Oct 05. Those Edmonton members attending were Dave Ives, Gord Jeffrey, Wray Kent, Rob Kilborn. Bill Muise, John Partica, Ed Solleveld, Ron Uruski, Jim Young, Jamie Sutherland and Bob Hopper.  (That makes a total of eleven and the reduced attendance, from the eighteen at the last one, could have been attributed to the fact that there were some "outsiders" visiting from the nation's oil centre). The highlight of the meeting was the attendance of four members from the Calgary Club ( Don Little, Dave Watson, Ron Lorenz and Dan McLean). I want, on behalf of the Edmonton Club, to thank these fellows for making the trip up here. We very much enjoyed your company--it was like old times. I must add that these fellows stayed overnight at the Chateau Louis and were all in bed by 2100--my, how times have changed.  (Not quite true – it was 2130)

   The next meeting of the Edmonton Club will be held in late Apr 06 ( I will advise ) and Gord Jeffrey has volunteered to head a committee that will organize a meeting of the Edmonton and Calgary groups somewhere in the middle of Alberta ( Probably Red Deer or Innisfail ) in early summer 06. More of this later. (If, by early summer, you mean late May or early June, we agreeWe'll hold you to this one, Gord. It should be noted that, after the meeting, the Calgary group, joined by Gord Jeffrey, adjourned to the main lounge where they were treated to a "visitors" round on-the-house, courtesy of Bruce Gordon, Branch Prez of the Legion. Thanx, Bruce you're numero uno! )


                              Financial Statement ( un audited )

   Income               15 X $2.00             30.00


   Room rent                                        25.00

   Paid money owed Ed Solleveld             5.00

    Balance                                             Zero


6. Some afterthoughts:

     a. Commitment by all (Calgary and Edmonton) to gather either in Red Deer or Innisfail, sometime around end May or early June next year (2006). Possibility (slight) that it could be a weekend get-together with wives (holed up in a hotel/motel until official business is conducted). Just a thought.

     b. 'Twas evident who were the "thirstys". VPI Calgary arrived at 1100 and departed at 1630. However, even the hosts were gracious enough to stay until around 1430/1500.

     c. Great time had by all at the Chateau Louis. Super dinner and an excellent complimentary breakfast.

     d. Photos of the gathering appear at the bottom of these minutes. Sorry, no names – no pack drill.

     e. Special note to Reg McCurdy (VPI Halifax). Your old friend and running mate from Air Japan, Jamie Sutherland, was in attendance. Now lives in Beaumont (south Edmonton) and had a lot of tall tales to relate regarding your flying days for the Emperor.

7. Thanx to VPI Edmonton:  No doubt in anyone's mind that the day was truly successful.  Dreams are made of this (if you're committed to VPI). Considering that most of us from down south had not seen the "boys of winter" for many, many moons, the true meaning of VPI camaraderie was prevalent.  Most of our VPI brethren have remained in their coastal areas or transplanted to the nation's capital, however, here in Canada's foremost  province, we have managed to forge a link for future gatherings of VPI Alberta. Thank you, Bob Hopper and thank you, Ed Solleveld, for your time and effort in getting together the northern group.

8. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org  Webmaster is Dan McLean

9. Next gathering: Originally scheduled for Dec 8th, however, due to a wedding in California (top priority) it has been re-scheduled to: Fri. Dec 2nd @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!
Note that, very shortly, the Armouries are expected to be open daily for lunch and bar service. We're counting on this so we can change our gathering day to Friday. But, if it doesn't materialize (Watson / Lorenz to advise) we'll have to revert to Thurs Dec 1st.

10. E/Off (lights out) @ 2130 (Edmonton) and 151700 MDT (Calgary)

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