VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Six - Held 09 Jun 05

VPI Calgary

Sixth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Thu 09 Jun 05.


1. E/On @ 1155

2. Attending: Mike Luxton (slack day at the RC), Ron Lorenz (usually there to organize the weekly ACA meeting), Garth Irvine (retired, with time-on-hands) and Don Little (nothing else to do, except take notes for the webpub).

3. AWOL (all with good excuses): Dan McLean (in Nouvelle Ecosse), Bill Moir (in la belle province), Dave Watson (previous commitment unusual cuz he's always at the ACA meeting), Brian Kaban (JAZZ flying hell of a job but someone has to sacrifice), Wayne Sondergaard (in process of relocating to Edmonton), Barry Crozier (the usual) and Austin Hayes (whereabouts unknown possibly the Shuswap).

4. Interesting info from the VPI Edmonton group. They had a gathering on the 6th of May and managed an official count of 15 (plus one short drop-in). Commendable for an area that had only 18 names on the list when passed by VPI HQ a couple of years ago. Many thanx to Bob Hopper and to Ed Solleveld, both instrumental in organizing the semi-annual turnout. Next rendezvous is scheduled for the 14th of October and VPI YC stalwarts are invited to join in. Let's do our best to "make it so". Here's a list of the Edmonton players: Bob Hopper, Ed Solleveld, Ron Uruski, Bob Potyok, Stu Mohr, Bill Muise, Gerry Regehr, Dave Ives, John Partica, Jim Young, Bob Lemm, Don Libbey, Al Carlson, Tom Fleming, Wray Kent and Ian Fisher (cameo). Of course there are a few more, however, honourable mention is given only to attendees.

5. Big item for discussion again, was whether or not to continue our get-togethers, considering the fact that we normally are able to only gather three or four individuals at any particular time. Mike Luxton, our newest inductee and only serving RCAF member, came forward with a few outstanding ideas for future consideration. At my age and with lack of short-term memory, I've already forgotten exactly what they are but, rest assured, Mike will shortly be providing a list for our future consideration.
Anyway, to make a long story longer, we will continue VPI Calgary gatherings, once a quarter.
Location will remain at the Mewata Armouries, primarily due to its central location and coupled with the ambiance of a military mess (albeit a brown one). And, lots of parking available. Only problem is that the previously promised bar & kitchen availability on Fridays did not materialize so we'll have to stick with Thursdays as our gathering days.

6. We've lost another of our Calgary dozen and are now down to ten. Wayne Sondergaard is relocating to Edmonton, effective immediately. Naturally, we wish him happy times and happy trails in our province's capital and hope that he will join with the northern group for continued VPI camaraderie. 

7. Proposed changes to the new VPI Charter will add an additional membership category, as follows: "All VP aircrew who finish the OTU will be given a Blue Pin". No further details on this one, however, we (the four attendees) think that the reason is obvious and certainly have no objection to the proposal. Further details to be distributed with the 2005 edition of the MPA magazine.

8. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org  Webmaster is Dan McLean:

9. Next gathering: Thurs. Sep 8th @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!

10. E/Off @ 1320

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