VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Five - Held 10 Mar 05

VPI Calgary

Fifth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Thu 10 Mar 05.


1. E/On @ 1200

2. In attendance: Garth Irvine, Dan McLean, Ron Lorenz and Don Little. Dave Watson hung around for awhile and then had to excuse himself for more important matters with the Aircrew Association. Lo & behold, Barry Crozier was spotted in the room but he, too, had AA priorities (one of these days maybe).

3. AWOL: Austin Hayes (bionic hip problems), Bill Moir (vacationing down south), Brian Kaban (too sick to fly), Mike Luxton (ROTP recruiting pressures) and Wayne Sondergaard (business in Edmonton).

4. Although, what has become the "small in numbers" routine for these gatherings, a good time was had by the "fearsome foursome" (McLean, Lorenz, Irvine & Little). Nothing like a couple of Grasshoppers to loosen the lips! Ron & Dan enlightened us with interesting highlights of their recent trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos (Ron) and to Mexico (Dan) while Garth & Don swapped stories of recent illnesses. Finally, some serious VPI conversation ensued and here's a few (not many) of the highlights/decisions.

a. Piggybacking our gatherings with the Aircrew Association is proving to be difficult due to the fact that some of our group also has commitments with the AA. This decreases dedicated VPI involvement and waters-down our effectiveness (whatever that means). So, in order to avoid any possible conflict, it was decided to hold our next get-together on a Friday vice Thursday.

b. Effective around the beginning of April, the Mewata Armouries will be open for lunch (1100-1400), Monday to Friday. The kitchen will be re-opening and, of course, the bar staff will be there to offer the usual libations. This, then, is the main reason we've decided to shift our day to Fridays.

c. Mewata Armouries is still considered to be the best location due to its centrality. Always open to alternatives if anyone can suggest a better place.

d. Numbers: Tuff call. The Calgary Eleven could use an infusion, ergo, perhaps with a slight change to our raison d'etre, we could one day hope to have 8-10 bods around the fire pit. So, here's a suggestion. If any of us knows anyone (friend, neighbour, neighbour's cousin) who might at one time have served as an aviator in the VP community (no matter the number of flight hours) we should feel free to invite him/her to join with the rest of us for our quarterly gatherings. Confused? Call me (256-1030) or email me littledon@telus.net  and I'll explain further.

5. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org  Webmaster is Dan McLean: navdan@ns.sympatico.ca 

6. Next Gathering: Friday, June 10th @ 1130-1330, Mewata Armouries. Book it!

7. E/Off @ 1315

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