VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Three - Held 09 Dec 04

VPI Calgary

Fourth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 09 Dec 04.

1. E/On @ 1200: No late arrival fines were levied by the Holy Mackeral, mainly because we don't have a Holy Mackeral.

2. Present and accounted for: Austin Hayes, Ron Lorenz and Don Little (obviously, no records were set re attendance). Oh, yes, Dave Watson was there for a short draft before he had to slip into the Aircrew Assoc. meeting and make a few notes for his newsworthypaper.

3. Absent and accounted for: Dan McLean and Bill Moir (work pressures), Mike Luxton (on course), Brian Kaban (compelled into flying at the last minute) and Garth Irvine (appointment change).
Still MIA are Barry Crozier (probably slippery roads between Cochrane & Calgary) and Wayne Sondergaard (whereabouts unknown).

4. Recap of the gathering: The troika (Hayes, Lorenz & Little) sat, sipped and munched for over an hour and some heavy decisions were made (or at least recommended). Here they are, but in no particular order:

a. The VPI YC concept is worth saving and nurturing, in spite of the fact that we're low in numbers. Even with only three who braved today's blizzard (must have been the real reason why so few turned out) a great time was had by all - many "war" stories and recollections of good times past made everyone realize that the continuation of VPI get-togethers is an absolute.

b. The location (Mewata Armouries) is considered to be the best of all Calgary possibilities for our get-togethers. It is central, has a great military atmosphere (something akin to RA Park in Halifax) and the prices are right - if we piggyback on the Aircrew Association meetings which are held on Thursdays. Four gatherings a year (quarterly) seems to hold as the consensus.

c. Speaking of the Aircrew Association (ACA): This wonderful group of mostly wartime warriors (WW2, Korea) would certainly love to have some "younger blood" join the organization and have extended an invitation to VPIers to join. Annual cost is $40. Gatherings are every Thursday, 1100-1400. Camaraderie, open bar, lunch and guest speaker are on the menu weekly. Our own Ron Lorenz just happens to be the Prez. Certainly not necessary for the VPI bunch to "join", especially if we only piggyback once every three months, however, highly recommended, especially if we would like to belong to a most worthy aircrew group and participate on a more frequent basis. Also, of note is the fact that on the third Thursday of every month the wives are welcome - a super socializing/shopping opportunity in the core area.

d. In order to increase our numbers, it is requested that we all scratch our memory banks to see if we can come up with a few names of maritime aviators who might have the qualifying hours for VPI. Originally, 3000 hrs were required for membership, however, that figure is now set at 1500 (and possibly might be adjusted even lower) so there might be a few bods around the territory who have at least that new number but who still believe they must have 3000 to join. Let's see what we can do! Or, bottom line, seeing as we're not really a formal Wing, perhaps there's a few around who just came close in the hours column and would like to amble along as guests.

5. A reminder that our website is: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org and that our webmaster is Dan McLean: navdan@ns.sympatico.ca 
News items are welcome.

6. Next Gathering: Thurs. March 10, 2005. Mewata Armouries. 1130-1330 Book it!

7. E/Off @ 1320

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