VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty Seven - Held 19 Jun 2015

VPI Calgary

Thirty-Seventh Gathering of VPI Calgary, 19 Jun 2015

Six of us here today Don Little, Austin Hayes, Bill Smith, Dave Watson, Garth Irvine and Dan McLean.

For the Sea King people the new Helos are finally arriving.

Dave talked about going over to Normandy France, Bruge Belgium, Passchendaele and other war areas along the coast. The enormous cost in lives taking those beaches. The horrible cost in lives in WW1 at places like Passchendaele.
In Normandy there are tanks that sank with their crews in the water, so they are tombs to these soldiers.

Next meeting 25 Sep 2015 Horton Rd Legion #285 (9202 Horton Rd SW) 1100-1300
Lots of free parking and lots of good food.

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