VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty Six - Held 10 Apr 2015

VPI Calgary

Thirty-Sixth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 10 Apr 2015

Just a note to pass along a short recap of yesterday’s gathering at the Horton Rd Legion. Five stalwarts made the journey and all five lived to tell their tales.

Great to have Austin Hayes back amongst us, after his rather long road to recovery following hip surgery last December. Looks like a new man and gone is that leg brace which has been his companion for the past few years.

Bill Smith joined the fray after his three-day haul back from winterizing in the deep south. Bill certainly deserves a medal or at least a BZ for always making the trip from Red Deer (can’t say the same for some of our local members who seem to be finding it difficult to find Horton Rd).

Garth and Don both present, arriving from the south end of the city.

MIA: Dave Watson - snowed under (his words) but not with the white stuff. Wx was CAVU but Dave was busy sorting out his underwear for forthcoming trip to Normandy to visit the invasion sites, then onward to Prague for some R&R.

Dan the Man was is Mapleridge, BC visiting his brother and Brian Kaban (anyone remember what he looks like?) is somewhere in the Australian outback with his family (probably on an airline pass).

Some discussion regarding where might be the best place to hold future gatherings. The Kirby Centre (corner of 7th Ave and 11th St) was mentioned as a possibility (Don will investigate further) however, nowhere else came to light so UFN, it looks like the HR Legion will continue to suffice. FLASH: Don Little, after 80 years of non-compliance, has taken out a membership in the Legion. Cost him $55., money well invested. Lots of good conversation; lots of good food and lots of great camaraderie. Hope to see everyone at the next one.

The next one: Fri June 19th, Horton Rd Legion #285 (9202 Horton Rd SW) 1100-1300
Lots of free parking and lots of good food.

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