VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty Five - Held 05 Dec 2014

VPI Calgary

Thirty-Fifth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 05 Dec 2014

1. E/On @ 1100 (early-birds rule)

2. In Attendance: Dave Watson, Bill Smith, Garth Irving, Don Little and Dan McLean. Missing Austin Hayes with Sick - Hip.

3. Bill spoke about flying from 1952 to 1957 on 11 different aircraft types. For example he flew on B-25 Mitchells.

4. Flying We were at a small round table so all of us could tell stories of flying and we all could hear.(important for some of us who have problems in that area LOL.)Such a variety of aircraft types, Lancasters, Cansos, Neptunes, Argus, Aurora and many others.

5. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca Minutes can be found under "Events". Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan7@gmail.com

6. Next gathering: Fri 6 Feb 2015 @ 1100 - 1330.

7. E/Off @ 1315

From Don Little:
Timely article, below, as the Aurora and its capabilities formed much of the conversation at yesterday’s VPI gathering at the Horton Rd Legion (Dan, our Aurora expert, led the chit-chat)


Speaking of the get-together, personally I think it was probably one of the best we’ve had over the years and the 35 times we’ve been able to rendezvous in the name of VPI camaraderie. Dan will be putting out some minutes (?) but I’d like to say that it is now increasingly obvious that we may never again be able to use the Mewata Armouries facilities and the Legion at Horton Rd appears to be a very good option (just ask Bill Smith who easily makes the trek from Red Deer). Good beer, good food and a good setting (even a private room available, IF desired)

Just got back from the hospital after an hours visit with Austin. As you know (?) he’s just had hip replacement surgery at the Rocky View and has been moved to Care West Glenmore Park (in behind the Rocky View) for re-hab and will quite possibly be there until after Christmas, due to complications, mainly due to weakness caused by previous surgeries. He’s in good spirits, in spite of extensive typical recovery pain. Relayed to him a good recap re our meeting and he wants to be rarin’-to-go by the next one (Horton Rd Legion on Feb 6th, weather permitting).

Am sure that he’d appreciate your visit(s), if you can spare a little time. Unfortunately, I visited at lunch time, however, that actually turned out for the best cuz they sat us down at a table for two and we had a great kibitzing session. Once again, he’s in Care West Glenmore Park, Section 1 West, Rm 119. Visiting times are 1000-2030 daily.

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