VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty Three - Held 06 Jun 2014

VPI Calgary

Thirty-Third Gathering of VPI Calgary, 06 Jun 2014

Mewata was locked up tighter than a drum today for our VPI meeting. I found all the doors locked up after I had put in my 4.00 for parking. There has been a big change in the Mess activities this past month. I always thought that this was the Royal Alberta United Services Institute (RAUSI) Mess but I find out now that it is the Mess of the 41st Brigade Group. Hence the strange changes to it’s operation. Noticeably; food is no longer permitted in the main ante room and all the long tables have been moved out. The pool table has been removed from the room adjacent to the bar and several small tables and chairs set up in there and this is where noon meals, etc. are to be taken. There is barely enough seats in there for just our group, that’s if everyone shows up. I don’t know what the future holds for us but it looks bleak. This has all happened since the North-East armoury closed last year and all the troops moved down to Mewata.

Update 15 Sep 2014
Hi Don and everyone: Good news this time; I have spoken with the manager of 285 Legion (Horton Rd.) and they have VPI booked in for Friday, 3rd Oct, 11:00 until around 1:00 pm. They also have us tentatively booked in for the FOLLOWING four months; 5 Dec, 6 Feb, 3 Apr, and 5 Jun. Let’s see how this works out for us as an ‘every other month’ meeting and lunch place. We will be using the back meeting room that the Air Force Association uses every month and Dan the Man outlined last e-mail where the Horton Rd. Legion was located. No need for tie and jacket unless you wish to. Dress code is casual; Members and guests are expected to wear neat, clean and tidy attire at all times. We will be close to the Bar and the Kitchen, where our lunch can be ordered (they usually have a good selection of hot meals and sandwiches). When we order, we will get an order number which will be called out over the PA system when ready for pick-up. Hope this works out for us. The booking lady just used the first Friday in every other month to reserve this spot for us. If those dates are not suitable, let me know and we can cancel or change them as required.
Cheers, Dave.

Richard has taken his final flight!
Richard Sopczak passed away 29 Sep 2014
Although Richard was the newest member of our VPI group, he was one of the most experienced and it was always a pleasure to just sit back and listen to him relate a few “tales” of earlier years in the RCAF. We will miss him at our gatherings. Rest assured, at the next one we will raise our glasses on high and wish him God speed on his final flight.
Don Little

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