VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty Two - Held 07 Feb 2014

VPI Calgary

Thirty-Second Gathering of VPI Calgary, 07 Feb 2014

1. E/On @ 1120 (early-birds rule)

2. In Attendance: Dan McLean(there at 10:30 doors locked came back at 11:20), Austin Hayes, Richard Sopczak, Dave Watson, Don Little, Brian Kaban(Day off but had flu), Bill Smith (Escondito- wish we were there) 5 of 11 great for a very cold day.

3. RCAF Mess Dinner Coming up at the Air Museum by airport I believe they said the 21 March 2014.

4. Dan Laid off from Encana 4 Dec 13 due to company downsizing. Had an interesting Job Interview on Mon 10 Feb, will keep updated on results. Have actually applied for some other jobs too, just waiting to hear back.

5. Other Discussions Lawns ie not watering them, or just not having them. The new American ASW aircraft the P8.

6. Beautiful RCAF coinDave has these wonderful RCAF/ RCAF Association coins. He's going to try to get some for us who are interested

7. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca Minutes can be found under "Events". Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan7@gmail.com

8. Next gathering: Fri 6 Jun 2014 @ 1130 - 1330.

9. E/Off @ 1305 (to avoid parking penalties)

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