VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty One - Held 04 Oct 2013

VPI Calgary

Thirty-First Gathering of VPI Calgary, 04 Oct 2013

1. E/On @ 1120 (early-birds rule)

2. In Attendance: Austin Hayes (usually the first to belly-up); Dan McLean (finally, a day-off); Don Little (heard that Dan was buying the first round); Dave Watson (looking well/feeling great); Bill Smith (last one before more southern exposure); Richard Sopczak (better late than not at all) and Garth Irvine (his taxi got caught in traffic). All-in-all, 7 of 11 was a good turnout!

3. AWOL: Brian Kaban (flying - where else); Mike Luxton (work-related emergency); John Baehr (visitors - higher priority) and Bill Moir.

4. ASW Discussion: Far as I can remember these few days following the meeting, there was no ASW discussion. We probably just talked on all the subjects we were told not to talk about when imbibing at local watering holes (you know them). Of course, we might have talked ASW, however, I can't really remember cuz the short-term memory cells are frying.

5. At the BOW: Dan (Head of Security and Chief of Police at the BOW) and Don had a discussion regarding the possibility of holding one of our gatherings in that new, downtown, Encana skyscraper, so here's the deal. For our gathering at end May or early June, 2014 (not Jan/Feb cuz of cancelation possibility due to the white stuff) we will probably/possibly be able to hold our meeting on the 42nd floor of Dan's BOW. There's an atrium on this floor, plus cafeteria so our city views and stomach desires will be satisfied. However, there's no bar (wonder why?) so the plan will be to park and meet at the Armouries, gather in the Mess and stop long enough for one pint (or two if you're fast) and then follow Dan one block north to the C-Train and a free ride along 7th Ave to the Bow. Wow! Sounds like a plan - more to follow at our Feb 7th rendezvous.

6. Meeting Change: It was unanimously decided to not hold our gatherings on the last Friday of any particular month as this is when the Mess has its Buffet Lunch (not of particular interest to us golden oldies with limited stomach capacity)

7. That's all folks: I know that we covered more ground than this but, like I've stated previously, I've already forgotten the bulk of it. As requested about two years ago, I'm still looking for a volunteer to take over the composition of these bullshit minutes. Dan had promised to do so, but in his approx two-year absence, I've had to continue, supposedly temporarily. If no one is willing (voluntarily) I'll continue at least until after the BOW and then bid my adieu.

8. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca Minutes can be found under "Events". Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan7@gmail.com

9. Next gathering: Fri Feb 7th, 2014 @ 1130 - 1330.

10. E/Off @ 1325 (to avoid parking penalties)

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