VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Thirty - Held 24 May 13

VPI Calgary

Thirtieth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 24 May 13

1. E/On @ 1115 (more early birds)

2. In Attendance: Richard Sopczak (first one in - becoming a habit), Austin Hayes (Grasshopper bucks in his wallet), Mike Luxton (not on world travels, for a change), Dave Watson (feeling great, again), Bill Smith (finally back from southern Cal), Garth Irvine (chauffeur drop him at the door) and Don Little (what else could he do).

3. AWOL: The usual group of no-shows: John Baehr (unable to connect with the Escondido kid), Bill Moir, Brian Kaban (on family trip to England) and Dan McLean (visiting family in the east).

4. Dining: Big change in the luncheon protocol which caught most everyone off-guard, especially due to the price. Okay for some who wanted a full meal but not so good for those who just wanted a salad or fish 'n chips. Perhaps someone (Dave?) can delve further into this and let us know if we can expect the same at future gatherings.

5. ASW discussion: None, that I can remember. Perhaps there was, however, at our golden-oldie age it definitely doesn't pay to wait a week before composing these minutes.

6. Condolences: Glasses were raised in a farewell toast in memory of Dan's mother who passed away earlier in the year. May she rest in peace. We're really sorry for your loss, Dan. Condolences from all the "boys".

7. Missing man: Gone, but not forgotten. Ian Gordon took his final flight while vacationing in Hawaii in March. Glasses were raised on high in a farewell toast. His presence at our VPI gatherings will be greatly missed but his pleasant disposition and canny ability for fact-recollection and story-telling will be with us forever. Rest in peace, dear friend.

8. An Interesting Tidbit: Of interest to all is the fact that Richard forgot to get a receipt when he paid for his parking so, after the fact, he phoned the Parking Authority, pleaded his case and they, without hesitation, promised to forward a receipt soonest. Computers work, after all ! Makes one wonder if one could call and give dates, say, for all our gatherings in 2013 or any other significant time block and ask for a receipt covering three or four or even more parking periods. Anyone up to the task?

9. Reserved:

10. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca Minutes can be found under "Events". Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan7@gmail.com

11. Next gathering: Fri Oct 4th, 2013 @ 1130-1330. {I'll work on setting it up in THE BOW. Dan} Book it! Please note that this date has been set as a special favour to one of our stalwart members who wants to keep the previous week free in order to celebrate the birthday of his dear wife, Betty.

12. E/Off @ 1325 (it's a parking thing)

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