VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Three - Held 23 Sep 04

VPI Calgary

Third Gathering of VPI Calgary, 23 Sep 04.

@ 1100 (23 Sep 04), Mewata Armouries

1. E/On @ 11:30 (just a guess). As we are not a formal Wing and do not have a Holy Mackeral, no late fines nor absentee fines were levied.

2. Present and accounted for Ron Lorenz (he undoubtedly was there cuz he's O i/c of the Aircrew Association which was meeting there at the same time; Brian Kaban arrived a bit late due to his commitments with AC Jazz; Dan McLean always attends - he's our webmaster and is keenly interested in making our VPI group successful; Mike Luxton, our newest recruit and only serving airforce member was there; Garth Irvine was there also.

3. Absent and accounted for: Austin Hayes (bionic hip problems); Dave Watson (OOT on a holiday boondoggle); Bill Moir (pressures at work) (Ed.note: nice to have a real job); Don Little (as above - medical). Still MIA are Wayne Sondergaard and Barry Crozier.

4. A good time was had by all attendees. Open bar, soup & sangie lunch line and a short meeting in the comfort of the executive suite, replete with large oak table and very comfortable leather chairs. Hopefully, some cross-pollination with some of the members of the Aircrew Association, which, quite possibly, will lead to further attendance with that most worthy group of primarily wartime (WW2) aviators.

5. It is felt that the time frame of 1100-1400 is too long, especially for those with employment commitments. Next meeting (if any) will more likely encompass, say, 1130-1330. Bar opens at 1100 and earlier participation will give us some time to rub elbows with the "older" ACA boys before we break off on our own.

6. Good news out of Edmonton! The northern Alberta group, under the guidance and tutelage of Ed Solleveld, had its first get-together on Sep 17th at the Kingsway Legion. Nine stalwarts attended (Ian Fisher, Bob Hopper, Dave Ives, Stu Mohr, Bill Muise, Ed Solleveld, Tom Stobbs, Ron Uruski and Bill Veldhuis). A good time was had by all and they decided to follow our VPI YC format of not forming a Wing (at least not at this time) and will rotate meeting organizational duties amongst the members - next one to be in the spring and Bob Hopper has the con. The Edmonton list still has nine additional names on it and hopefully attendance will mushroom at the next gathering. In fact, maybe some of us Calgary lads will make the trek to join our northern colleagues (the first step toward an Alberta Wing - dream along with me).

7. Of interest is the fact that I have received one email (Reg McCurdy) and one letter (TS) from my ol' VPI buddies in the Halifax area - both rather disappointed in the fact that they haven't seen any published minutes of our last gathering. Proof positive that our website is scanned by others in the VPI community! So, Dan, hopefully you will be able to copy these pseudo minutes into the official web bank for all to peruse.

5 Oct 04 Dear VPI'ers 

I'm working 4 12 hr shifts and 4 days off and during my middle 4 days off I was replacing my motherboard {as the original crashed} on my computer.
I just finished my last night, this morning of another 4 night cycle. And I've only just got my computer back up 2 days ago.
I apologize for the delay in getting the minutes out there, but I had no way or time to do it until now.
They're there now. Cheers Dan Webmaster

8. Once again, a reminder to email the webmaster and give him permission to publish your email address on the website: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org  (a requirement of both VPI HQ and the new Canada Privacy Act). For this, plus any newsworthy items that you would like to see on the web, contact Dan McLean: navdan@ns.sympatico.ca 

9. Closing assumption is that there's still enough interest in our area to have a December gathering (it really would be great if you all emailed a vote of confidence) so, with Ron Lorenz's concurrence for use of the Mewata Armouries, here's the poop on the next one:

Thurs. Dec 9th (Dec might be an impossible month due to other bookings and, if so, we might have to think about sometime in January)
Mewata Armouries

10. Comments, good/bad/indifferent, are solicited.

11. E/Off (another WAG) @ 1315

See you at the next one (God willing and weather permitting).

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