VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Twenty Eight - Held 05 Oct 12

VPI Calgary

Twenty-Eighth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 5 Oct 12

1. E/On @ 1130

2. In Attendance: Austin Hayes (always here, except when it snows and when Pay Park doesn't issue a receipt), Ian Gordon (fresh from a 407 Sqn reunion), Mike Luxton (not on a trip), Garth Irvine (arrived with chauffeur), Bill Smith (pre-flight for Escondido), Richard Sopczak (has become a regular) and Don Little (same ol'-same ol'). In general, an acceptable turnout.

3. Not in Attendance: Dan McLean (whereabouts unknown, but that's three in a row) Sorry about that my company I work for, Encana is preparing to move into the BOW and I've been very busy, Brian Kaban (extremely important family-time in Jasper), John Baehr (not sure - was informed once upon a time but my memory banks are fading; on vacation, I think), Dave Watson (medical - more to follow).

4. Rectangular table discussion:

a. Lots of good conversation today, starting with Ian's recollections of a great 407 Sqn reunion, held in Comox in early June (looks like Little missed the boat, however, with three reunions scheduled in 2012, one had to be dropped). Herb Smale was there, looking fit and healthy and up to his usual. Some of the troops, including Ian, even had a local flight in the Aurora (now 25+ years in service with Maritime Air).

b. Some discussion on the Brit Astute class nuclear sub (1.6 Billion) vs the Yank Virginia class (2.4 B). As none of us has ever had the pleasure of an undersea cruise in either one of these behemoths, all conversation was speculative, albeit interesting.

c. A tribute was paid to LGen Al MacKenzie. Many of us remembered him when he was Base Commander at Greenwood.

d. Some discussion on the CF105 AVRO Arrow (to be reborn, according to Lou Mackenzie) and the CF100 Canuck (Richard led on this one). Question: where did the Canuck gets its nickname,"Clunk" ? No one around the table was able to answer this but according to Wikipedia, it was coined because of the noise the front landing gear made as it retracted into its well after takeoff. So, there you have it! Anyone have a different version?

d. Don Little related his summertime sighting and pleasant ten minutes of conversation with Bill Moir. Took place at "Annie's", a coffee-house-pit-stop in Fish Creek Park. Bill was accompanied by an old friend and fellow VPI'er from Spud Is., Gerry Mawhinney. Bill sends his regards and says he even enjoys reading our minutes (is something wrong with this picture?)

e. Probably more, however, in my fading memory zone and having just returned from an exhausting 445 Sqn reunion in Ottawa, I've obviously forgotten more than I remember. Perhaps it's time for someone else to voluntarily take over this Minutes bit, from the volunteer who volunteered to take over from me in the first place. Any takers ? Requirement: youth and exuberance (that probably eliminates at least nine of twelve).

5. Dave Watson: Not with us due to recent hospitalization where he gave up a good portion of his lower bowel to the medical vampires. Apparently, he was in the hospital for most of September but failed to let any of his VPI comrades in on this Top Secret situation. We wish you well, Dave and hope that a speedy and complete recovery will see you back at our next one.

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7. Next gathering: Fri. Jan 25th, 2013 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!

8. E/Off @ 1325 (just in time to beat Pay Park) (No receipt required)

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