VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Twenty Five - Held 07 Oct 11

VPI Calgary

Twenty-Fifth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 07 Oct 11


Hi All:
As Dan the Man was absent on Friday and no one had been requested to take the minutes, I find myself flashing back a couple of years ago when I gave up the con primarily because my arthritic hand prevented me from making notes.
However, as to not let the ball drop into a voidless pit, here's the straight skinny on the -

1. E/On @ 1120

2. Great time had by all attendees: Austin Hayes, Ian Gordon, Mike Luxton, Bill Smith, John Baehr and Don Little.

3. Lots of Top Secret conversation - too top to publish here.

4. Appears as if Bill Smith was our only representative at the big Anniversary reunion in Greenwood, early June. Apparently there were approx 550 ex-squadron personnel in attendance. Rumour has it that there might have been more if the ZX committee had been more cooperative/forthcoming regarding accommodations. Bill ended up with a room on the Base but - who would have known this in advance?
(I was there- Dan McLean)

5. As stated at top, good time had by all six. Where were the other six? (Stuck waiting to have tires installed at Costco, Dan)

6. A toast was given in praise of the government's decision to restore our historic name:

7. Website reminder: http://vpi.navdan.ca
Webmaster: Dan McLean: navdan7@gmail.com

8. Next gathering: Fri. Jan 27, 2012 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!

9. E/Off @ 1320

PS: Dan - feel free to publish this, including my opening remarks, as the minutes of our latest.

- - - - -- -- -- - - - - - - - - - - ------- - -- -- - - - - - ------ -- ---- - - - -

As an aside, I just received my copy of: "The Canadair Argus - the Untold Story of Canada's Cold War Maritime Hunter", a totally glossy 190 pages of the exploits of the Argus and its crews from conception to retirement. Initial perusal thereof has me riveted and eager to read and devour every word and savour the numerous photographs. What an absolutely wonderful gift this will make for my grandson!
Below, is a repeat of an earlier email from Bert Campbell detailing how one can obtain a copy. IMHO, certainly worth the $59.95 + shipping and GST = $73.90

If I don't happen to see any of you before the next gathering, hope y'all have a tasty Thanksgiving, a Happy Halloween and a wonderful Christmas.


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