VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Twenty Three - Held 28 Jan 11

VPI Calgary

Twenty-Third Gathering of VPI Calgary, 28 Jan 11


1. E/On @ 1130

2. Very sparse attendance: Don Little (he had to be there to take the minutes), Dave Watson (one of three who never had an excuse for non-attendance) and Ian Gordon (didn't pay any attention to the forecast).

3. Non-attending: Just about everyone, however, here's the list of those with excuses. Dan McLean (sunning in the Palm Springs area), Mike Luxton (sailing the high seas of the Caribbean - - rumoured to be adrift after encounter with drug smugglers), Bill Smith (on standard winter ops in Escondido), Richard Sopczak (serious family medical concerns), Garth Irvine (dental problems, if you can believe this one) and Austin Hayes (bad weather forecast for the Cochrane area, which proved to be a bad forecast. Grasshoppers all around, next gathering).

4. Round table discussion: With only three, there was lots of good conversation and the topics were varied, ie., replacement for the CF18's, cost of the proposed buy of the F35's and scrapping of the Brits' Nimrod fleet with no replacement thereof (looks like ASW is heading south). Ian even gave us a dissertation on his AWAC's tour in Europe (many moons ago) - - - not ASW but interesting, very interesting. Dave recently tested his x-cntry skiing skills on the runs in Kananaskis and has lived to join our troika and pass on his methods of successful survival.

5. Forthcoming RV 2011 reunion in Greenwood, 9-12 Jun, was not discussed but is mentioned here as a reminder to all. It will be the 70th Anniversary of Squadrons 404, 405 and 415 and the 45th Anniversary of VPI. Time is getting short so if you have any attention of attending, perhaps you should prepare now. Website is: www.rv2011.ca

6.Website reminder http://vpi.navdan.ca

Webmaster: Dan McLean: navdan7@gmail.com

7. Next gathering: not discussed, so I'll take the liberty of setting one - -
Fri. May 27, 2011 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!

8. E/Off @ 1325

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