VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Twenty - Held 29 Jan 10

VPI Calgary

Twentieth Gathering of VPI Calgary, 29 Jan 10


1. E/On @ 1130

2. Attending: Austin Hayes (early), Don Little (early) Mike Luxton, Ian Gordan, Dan McLean, Richard Sopczak, and finally Garth Irvine (Late). A great turnout of 7. Lucky 7.

3. Regrets: Didn't receive any, but that might have been caused by my reminder email sent the same day of the meeting. I'll have to work at getting that out earlier. Ah well growing pains in my new role. I've got big shoes to follow after Don.

4. Good time had by all: The seven attendees had a great time solving many problems, including Tiger Woods(LOL).  I (Dan) was finally able to have a beer, as it was an EnCana day off and I wasn't working.  I learned a lot about carpal tunnel syndrome, as two of our members have had operations to fix it. Talked about John Cuzack braking his back in a Voodoo ejection on the runway, and how he was in a traction device being stretched for a long time while he healed. 

We talked about gourmet macaroni and cheese too, as it was on the menu for lunch, and had a laugh about that. Kind of like a contradiction.

Mike and his wife are just back from a vacation in Mexico, enjoying the pyramids and sun. Mike is having fun with his business, consulting for Alberta Health.

Gord Jeffrey from Edmonton said to say Hello to everyone at Calgary Wing.

Well this is about all I can remember, thanks for everybody coming out. Dan

5. RCAF Retirerees Party 5 Feb 10: In Yuma Arizona 

6. Website: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca

    Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

7. Next gathering  of this pseudo Wing, the next one is tentatively scheduled for:

Fri. May 28, 2010 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Consider this and pass the word!

8. E/Off @ 1330

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