VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Two - Held 18 Jun 04

VPI Calgary

Second Gathering of VPI Calgary, 18 Jun 04.

While everything's fresh in my mind, here's a wee recap on our VPI YC luncheon gathering of last Friday - held at the Kensington Legion (264 Branch).
Only six stalwarts managed to find their way to the north side of the Bow (Ron Lorenz, Bill Moir, Dan McLean, Dave Watson, Don Little and new VPI inductee, Mike "Lucky" Luxton), however, a good time was had by all, albeit in rather less-than-private surroundings.

Here's the poop!

1. No "Engines On" but unofficially start time was recorded as 1145.

2. No meeting was held, however, a round-table (actually rectangular) discussion by six keenly interested participants resulted in a couple of monumental decisions, such as:

a. We will continue to hold quarterly get-togethers, at least for this year. Next one will be on Thursday, Sept 23rd (note day change and mark your calendars). Location will be the Mewata Armouries Mess on 11th St (near the Space Centre and skateboard park). We'll be piggybacking our gathering with a regularly scheduled meeting of the Aircrew Association whose members gather at the watering hole weekly, every Thurs from 1100-1400. More details on this later.

b. At this point in time, continuing with the KISS principle, we will not be forming a Wing. Next move will be to re-contact the 18 VPI bods in the Edmonton area to see if they can organize themselves into a similar scenario and , if successful, perhaps we can then proceed with an Alberta rendezvous, say, in Red Deer (dream-on, Little).

c. Highlight of the luncheon was the induction and welcoming into VP International of Mike Luxton, the only active airforce member in Calgary (Recruiting Centre). Great to have new blood (and a young one at that). Welcome, Lucky!

3. "Engines Off" (if we had any) at 1315.

Of worthy note is the fact that Ron Lorenz takes over as the Prez of the Aircrew Association of Southern Alberta sometime this week and between him and Dave Watson, also on that executive committee, we can be guaranteed a hearty welcome at the Armouries Mess. R&D would like us to know that we'd also be welcome to join them at their AA (Aircrew Association) meetings on any Thurs. (11am-2pm).

Missing Members: Garth Irving (he said he'd be there but probably got lost on the way in from Okotoks), Wayne Sondergaard (whereabouts unknown - he's in town, somewhere), Austin Hayes (vacationing on the Shuswap), Barry Crozier (?, he gets the email) and Brian Kaban (on official flying duties with AC Jazz).

Note to Wayne Sondergaard: You might want to let VPI HQ know where you are cuz you're listed on their website under "Lost Trails - Canada"

Of interest to all, in case you want to order some replacement paraphernalia (pins:$4., crests $4., zappers $.30, mugs $7.) :

Website: www.vpinternational.ca

That's it for this one!
Don Little

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18 Jun 04 12:44
Don Little Welcoming Mike Luxton to VPI

18 Jun 04 12:44
Don Little Welcoming Mike Luxton to VPI

18 Jun 04 12:45
Ron Lorenz, Bill Moir

18 Jun 04 12:45
Mike Luxton, Dave Watson

18 Jun 04 12:49

18 Jun 04 13:42

18 Jun 04 14:13

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