VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Nineteen - Held 02 Oct 09

VPI Calgary

Nineteenth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri 02 Oct 09

1. E/On @ 1120

2. Attending: Austin Hayes (early), Don Little (early) and Bill Smith (all the way from Red Deer).

3. Regrets: Mike Luxton (away on duty until mid Jan) and Brian Kaban (AC  Jazz called).

4. No shows & no regrets (obviously no-cares): Ian Gordon, Dave Watson, Dan McLean, Garth Irvine and Bill Moir.

5. Good time had by all: The three attendees enjoyed great camaraderie and lots of the proverbial BS for a solid two hours. Austin and Don are always there and Bill Smith is a welcome addition to the group. Duly noted that after arriving five minutes prior to E/Off at the last outing, he was bang-on time for this one.

6. Farewell to Arms: After enduring a total knee replacement, carpal tunnel surgery, two cataract ops and even a colonoscopy (to get rid of my crappy outlook on life) these past few months and still finding time to make my way to  VPI gatherings, only to experience non-attendance and non-regrets from my colleagues, I feel it's time for me to step down from any further involvement associated with organizing our periodic get-togethers, in addition to any follow-up with regards to scribing the minutes, etc.

    Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

8. Next gathering (?) If someone other that Don Little is willing to grab the reigns of this pseudo Wing, the next one is tentatively scheduled for:

Fri. Jan 29, 2010 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Consider this and pass the word!

9. E/Off @ 1330


From Dan McLean:

I fully intended on coming that day.
It was an EnCana day off.

Let me fill you in on what happened that day.
I'll start with some background.
My stepson Kyle bought a house and was moving in that day.

I was going to borrow my son's Christopher's pickup truck to move some of Kyle's big stuff.
Chris's rear brakes needed to be replaced, so on Sat (previous weekend he replaced them)

So Fri I get Chris's truck, load it up with stuff and start driving to Kyle's new place, which is about 11km.
When I'm half way there a vehicle drives by with the driver pointing at the rear left end of my vehicle.
I stop and look in the back, and see that nothing has fallen out of the truck, and wonder what they were pointing at. I get to Kyle's new place unload the truck and start driving back to my place to get one more load and drop it off, then go to our VPI meeting.

When I'm almost home, another driver points at the left rear, and this time we stop at a light and he tells me my left rear wheel is wobbling. I pull over to the side of the road and discover I've been driving with only one lug-nut of five and the tire is wobbling like crazy. I decided, since I was only 1 km from home to drive very slowly home and park the truck. I'm just so glad the wheel hadn't flown off while Chris or myself was driving it.

What had happened, was when Chris replaced the brake, he didn't tighten the lug-nuts properly, and through the week they vibrated, and then shattered themselves.

So I started to work on fixing it by jacking up the tire and removing one lug-nut from each of the other tires.....

Anyways as you can see I missed our meeting, which I feel very badly about.

I can certainly organize, and write up the meeting minutes, since I publish them anyways.

I really appreciate all you've done Don.


From Dave:

First, let me apologize to all for missing the last gathering.  I think it was my first miss and I was caught up in a medical appointment the previous day and Friday just went on its way unnoticed.  I am attaching an obit regarding Jake Drake which a friend sent me.  I'm sure many of you knew or served with Jake in Maritime and I'm sad to note his passing.  Hope all the bodily repairs have turned out successfully Don and Dan, hope the truck repairs and troubles are over.  Remember that old adage, "Don't let your nuts get loose".  Cheers, Dave.


From Don:

Hi All:

Looks like Dan the Man has saved the day for VPI Calgary. Of course you'll have to read the emails, above, to find out what was the problem.

Many thanx, Dan. Somehow, I knew it would be you to step forward (even with all your truck woes). Hopefully, the rest of the guys will hang-in with full support. To you, I throw the torch. U da Man!


ex pseudo-prez VPI YC


Dan again:

I guess I'm the pseudo-prez now, and continuing to be webmaster of VPI-Calgary.

Thanks again Don for all you've done.

Cheers and see everybody in Jan 29 2010 who are able to make it.

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