VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Eighteen - Held 29 May 09

VPI Calgary

Eighteenth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri . 29 May 09

1. E/On @ 1130 (except for Dave)  

2. In Attendance: Dave Watson (back from Norway and very early), Don Little (bang on time, as usual), Austin Hayes (a tad late, very unusual), Garth Irvine (should have been a Nav, with his good ATA), Ian Gordon (evaded the Airdrie traffic tie-up), Bill Smith (new guy, from Red Deer really, really late, but more on this later).

3. Non-attending: Dan McLean (recuperating  at home in NB - more later) and Mike Luxton (on beer tasting duty in the Czech Republic).

4. AWOL: Brian Kaban & Bill Moir

5. Passing of G/C Baudoux: Glasses were raised to toast the honour and memory of this amazing man. First pilot in Canada to fly a jet aircraft and the last Commanding Officer of RCAF Station Greenwood (1966-1969). Many of our members knew him well.

6. HMS Astute: Some discussion re this new Brit undersea nuclear behemoth. Has a length longer than a football field and a breadth of four double-decker busses. Its reactor will never need refueling (makes oxygen and drinking water out of sea water and, theoretically, could stay under water for its entire 25 year life, providing the 98-man [woman?] crew could handle the program). Supposedly has a sonar detection range of 3000 NM. ASW anyone?

7. More about Dan the Man: Usually not one to miss any of our gatherings, this time his driving skills took a backward leap while hot-rodding on the muddy trails of McLean Creek during the Victoria Day long weekend. His ATV overturned and Dan couldn't escape the fall-out, ending-up with a few broken ribs and a very crushed ego. Now back home in Canterbury on an extended get-well vacation, as his mentors at Encana search for a replacement security tsar  ;)

Hate to say it, but his comrades at VPIYC had a friendly yuk over this one, as they toasted to his good health and get-well soon. Wonder if the woods constabulary issued a citation on this one?

8. Another toast: This one to our old friend and VPI colleague, Lloyd Graham, who recently became the Horny Colonel of VP 404. Apparently, no extra pay or pension increase in this esteemed position, but lots of perks. Multo congratulations, Lloyd.

9. Dave Watson related some very interesting details of his recent trip to Norway including but not limited to a tramp-steamer cruise up the coast to such interesting places as Bode (remember that place?) and all the way to Nordkapp (top of the world and close to the Ruskie border). Dave is almost at the end of his tour as Prez., Aircrew Assoc and is still looking for younger-blood members (aka VPI YC).

10. Garth & Don are now full-swing into their summer golf program and await all challengers. Bring 'em on! (that goes for you, too, McCurdy)

11. Ian, being the astute pilot that he is/was managed to correctly assess the traffic tie-up in Airdrie just as he was departing for Mewata (some crane truck driver had managed to rip a part out of the overpass/underpass. Managed to arrive almost on time. Good on ya, Ian!

12. Bill Smith: This is a long story. Our newest member arrived at the armouries just 5-minutes prior to E/Off so we gave him a few polite minutes to explain. Deciding to stop in Airdrie (enroute from Red Deer) to visit an old friend, precipitated a delay which cost him his get-away time and, forgetting that he was once a transportation engineer and could have avoided the massive traffic backlog by selecting an alternate route he, instead, decided to get in line and move onward at a snarl's pace. Anyway, his newness is most welcome and hopefully, we won't all run-out of the building fifteen minutes after he arrives for our next one. Hope you will forgive us, Bill. Red Deer to Calgary is a long drive for just one beer.

13. Reminder: The new Military Museums (Crowchild Trail, across from Currie Barracks) will hold a grand opening on Sun. Jun 7th, 0930-1600. The Air Force museum will now be a part of this fine Calgary heritage.

14. Website reminder:   http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca  Minutes can be found under "Events"

Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

15. Next gathering: Although not discussed, with due consideration to Austin and his return from summer hiatus in the Shuswap, the next one will be:

Fri. Oct 2, 2009 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Book it!

16. E/Off @ 1340

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