VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Seventeen - Held 23 Jan 09

VPI Calgary

Seventeenth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri . 23 Jan 09

1. E/On @ 1130 (Hayes & Little)

2. In Attendance:  Seven of nine. That's 78%!  Multo congrats to Mike Luxton (the newlywed), Dan McLean, Garth Irvine, Dave Watson, Ian Gordon, Austin Hayes and Don Little for braving the -23C temperature. At least it didn't snow!

3. Non-attending: Brian Kaban (couldn't stand the pressure of two in a row) and Bill Moir (in the work trenches).

4.  These minutes will be short and sweet due to short-term memory loss. Besides, everyone had a good time so why bother with details.

5.  Mike Luxton was all aglow and enjoying his new position in life as a married man. Recommends the beaches of Montego Bay as an ideal wedding locale. Congratulations, Mike sorry we couldn't have joined in the revelry.

6.  Mess Dinner: Forthcoming at the Aero Space Museum on McCall Rd. on April 3rd. If my memory serves me well (not as in para 4, above) this will be the 85th anniversary of the RCAF. Should be a good one so let's try to make it. Not sure of the price but probably in the neighbourhood of $75. I don't think they are taking reservations yet and I will let you know whenever. Or, just contact Shirlee Matheson:   shirlee@asmac.ab.ca or (403) 250-3752

7. Great Sabre photos: Dave Watson has provided us with a website of photos by Vintage Wings of Canada photographer Peter Handley. Even if you've seen them earlier, they're well worth another look: www.vintagewings.ca/page?a=529&lang=en-CA

8. Air Combat Systems Operator (ACSO): The new name for Navigator, recently adopted by a panel of experts (?). Needless to say, this horrific change in historic nomenclature received a unanimous thumbs-down by all present, even the pilots who now might be starting to feel a bit threatened by the new pilotless Global Hawk.

9.  Ramblings: Lots of reminiscing and many blasts from the past (names) and a few toasts to fallen comrades (it's that time in life). Garth and Don looking forward to a new golf season (Don with bionic knee); Dan awaiting the completion of the Encana "hole in the ground"; Austin making plans for another jaunt to the Shuswap; Ian contemplating a re-up as a Global Hawk ground controller; Dave (see below) and Mike (see above). Lots of government talk and everyone looking forward to receiving the big pension raises as announced in the new budget (dream along). No one had much hope for the future of ASW (especially in Calgary).

10. da Prez: Congratulations to Dave Watson, currently serving as the President of the Aircrew Association of Southern Alberta. He's looking for some young(er) blood in the membership and would like to see our VPI boys take part. Meetings every Thursday at lunchtime (Mewata Armouries).

11. IOU's: As stated in previous minutes, any outstanding IOU's have now become null and void due to non-demand by claimants (Dan & Garth).

12.  Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org or http://vpi.navdan.ca  Minutes can be found under "Events".

Webmaster: Dan McLean navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

13.  Next Gathering: By consensus, it looks like the end of May will be best, so . . . 

Fri. May 29, 2009 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries. Make it so!

14. E/Off @ 1335

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