VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Sixteen - Held 16 Sep 08

VPI Calgary

Sixteenth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri 16 Sep 08.

1. E/On @ 1130 (Little, talking to himself)

2. Attending (in dribbles): Mike Luxton (we can always count on him), Dan McLean (another stalwart), Austin Hayes (all the way, via the Shuswap and Cochrane), Brian Kaban (surprise, surprise) and Don Little (never misses). Five out of a possible ten still a reasonable 50%,

3. AWOL: Dave Watson (OOT on monkey-business), Garth Irvine (now here's the excuse of the century he had to baby-sit his grandkids), Bill Smith (our not-yet christened newbie who had other commitments), Bill Moir & Ian Gordon (neither passed "regrets" so whereabouts unknown. As old friends, they probably waylaid to a different watering hole).

4. These minutes will be rather short (but sweet) because most of the round-table conversations were about that taboo topic politics.

5. Wedding time: Biggest news of the day is that Mike Luxton will be heading to the beaches of Jamaica for his forthcoming wedding, taking place on Nov 26th. Congratulations, Mike, and best wishes for a long and blissful union from all the boys in VPI YC. By the way, we're all invited and all expenses will be prepaid by the Luxtons.

6. Left-over change: Don has added another $2.50 to his I.O.U. pot, courtesy Big Dan (his total now $5.) Held-over is Garth's $5. from last gathering. Let it be known that if these sums are not claimed by next meeting, the IOU's will become null and void.

7. Brian Kaban's presence was really appreciated, especially since he finally bought that long-overdue (?) round. Records check (minutes) shows that his last attendance was in Jun '06 (when he had an open-tab at the bar). Methinks that AC Jazz was probably providing some entertainment funds (and a well deserved day off). In any event, his conversational input re airline flying and union machinations was most beneficial.

8. Interesting to note that Dan McLean, head of Encana security (at least in our minds) has been able to keep the peace with the Calgary homeless. Perhaps Encana will be able to make a couple of floors available in the new "Bow" for purposes of feeding and housing these noteworthy citizens of the dark.

9. Don Little announced that he will soon be joining Austin Hayes in our "Bionic Men" category. We all know that Austin has had a new hip (in fact three of them) for quite sometime and now Don will join the club with a total knee replacement on Oct 9th (date given in case anyone wants to send cards or condolences).

10. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org  or http://vpi.navdan.ca  Minutes can be found under "Events".
Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

11 Next Gathering: Unsure, because it wasn't discussed. Although we've usually had difficulties with the weather in the Jan/Feb period, we can try again. Possibilities , in order of preference (mine) are: Jan 23rd, Jan 30th, Feb 6th. So, unless otherwise directed, by popular input, here it is
Fri. Jan 23, 2009 @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries, Book it!

12. E/Off @ 1340

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