VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Twelve - Held 12 Jan 07

VPI Calgary

Twelfth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri 12 Jan 07.

1. E/On @ 1130 (Dan & Don)

2. In Attendance: Dan McLean (first to arrive must have lost his sched book and was looking for the early-bird prize), Don Little (keener he knows exactly when the bar opens), Austin Hayes (two in a row for this "hipster" from Cochrane), Garth Irvine (our most stalwart member, from Okotoks) and Mike Luxton (ah, it's nice to be your own boss).

3. AWOL: Dave Watson (newly arrived house guests from Ontario had priority), Brian Kaban (whereabouts unknown but presumed to be airborne with AC Jazz) and Bill Moir (still among the MIA's).

4. Participation rate holding at 62.5% and certainly much better than our Edmonton bros who are having difficulty popping above zero!

5. Costa Rican Superbug: Our Malabar Consulting member, big Mike, was semi under-the-weather, having just returned from a vacation in Costa Rica. Recent retirement from Her Majesty's finest appears to have had a positive effect, as evidenced by: his new job, his new lady friend and the huge smile on his face.

6.  Garth and Don are looking forward to the golf season and hoping for a return match with the McCurdy lad (now practicing his swing in sunny, southern Georgia rumour has it that he recently shot a 78 but if we buy into that one, he'll probably try to sell us a piece of the Halifax-Dartmouth bridge). 

7. Dan is still numero uno in the Encana security system but is keeping an eye out for something bigger and brighter. Perhaps a VP position, with same company, would be in order, however, that might mean he would no longer be a VPI participant.

8. Austin, as mentioned at top, made a second consecutive appearance. Seems like "two" is a magic number, as related in his recall that he had twice served as the CO of 103RU (confessed that he probably didn't get it right the first time so they gave him a repeat performance). 

9. Discussion Time: Not much here with regards to actual military matters, except by way of past exploits. Seems like local news & views have taken over, with more interest on the weather (or lack of it) and "driving the Deerfoot". The wearing of "ties" even became an issue as Don was duly noted to have left his at home (first time ever). Of course the local housing market is always a hot-button item, with most being concerned that we're making far too much in equity. HA! 

Still no word from VPI HQ regarding whether or not there was any official acceptance of proposed changes to the Constitution with regard to new membership qualification (supposedly discussed/passed during recent rendezvous in Kinloss). General feeling by our Calgary bunch is that VPI has become an "old boys" net and that today's younger aviators have no interest in the organization (hey, is this a revelation?). Looks like our YC "newbies", Brian and Mike, might just be the last of the Mohicans. I guess it takes a Village just ask the members of the Legion and various Aircrew associations throughout the country.

10. VPI Calgary still looking for some new blood and will certainly welcome anyone with a maritime ops background, regardless of flight hours. Hell, we'll even welcome the boys from Edmonton if they would like to make the excursion and enjoy a day or two in this southern city. Perhaps a special get-together during Stampede would be in order?

11. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org

       Webmaster: Dan McLean - navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

12. Next Gathering: In an attempt to schedule only three vs. four outings per year, the next one is proposed for

Fri. May 11th ('07) @ 1130-1330. Mewata Armouries.    Book it !

13. E/Off @ 1345  (new endurance record, due to outstanding VPI camaraderie)

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