VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting Ten - Held 16 Jun 06

VPI Calgary

Tenth Gathering of VPI Calgary, Fri 16 Jun 06.

1. E/On @ 1130 (Brian arrived first so he could arrange a bar tab).

2. In Attendance: Mike Luxton (making his last official visit as a member of Her Majesty's finest), Garth Irvine (our stalwart attendee from Okotoks), Dan McLean (seems to have time to spare in his new position at Encana), Don Little (he's always there cuz this Calgary VPI thing is his baby), Brian Kaban (he had all the bar money) and Ralph (more later).

3. Regrets: Austin Hayes (can't seem to get his hip well-oiled enough to climb the stairs at the Armouries), Dave Watson (on a well-earned holiday down south) and Bill Moir.

4. King Ralph: We were joined by a very personal individual named Ralph (last name escapes me). His background was actually Army Dental Corps and he had served in Gimli, Trenton and Bagottville. As a newcomer to the Mess and not knowing why we were there, he asked if he could join-in. So be it! An interesting chap and most welcome. The King Ralph moniker, of course, is a play on our premier.

5. Brian's Round: As stated earlier, the Kaban boy from AC Jazz had promised to buy the first round (because he missed the last gathering, due to son's illness). Well, fittingly but dangerously, he set-up a tab at the bar and forgot to close it.  We all took pity on him, though and there was actually more coke quaffed than beer. Anyway, many thanx, Brian and we're all happy to hear that you son is recovering.

6. Luxton Out: Looks like sometime in July as Mike's last day in the airforce. The powers-at-be want him, front and centre, in Ottawa and Mike has other things in mind right here in the Calgary area. VPI YC wishes him the best in his new endeavours, with one proviso  continued attendance at our get-togethers.

7. Discussion time: Not much VPI talk around the table due mainly to presence of our dentist friend (probably didn't have the proper security clearance). Generally agreed that Ernie Cable's recent dissertation on the Argus (distributed a couple of days before the meeting) fit into the "excellent" category.
Also, a lively chat on the pros and cons of the proposed new buy for Transport Command. Good thing we have Mike around as our resident, actively-serving, military fountain of knowledge.

8. The Food Court: Personal and humble apologies from Don Little due to the catering mix-up. Unannounced decision by mess committee to hold Business Luncheon on 3rd Friday of every month (buffet style) made the usual a la carte menu unavailable. At $15. for the buffet-style repast, it was only Dan the Man who felt compelled to fill his tiny frame with victuals (must be on an Encana expense account).

9. Bruce Cumberland Passes: A farewell drink and toast to a fallen comrade, Bruce Cumberland, VPI member from Halifax. (Neptune, Albatross, Argus & Sea King).
Rest in peace, old friend!

10. Golf: Not really a VPI thing, however, it should be noted that Reg McCurdy (VPI HZ) is in the area (Alaska is close enough) and that sometime in July there will be a golf outing with him and a couple of his old running (flying) mates, Garth Irvine and Don Little. Looking for a fourth any takers?

11. Website reminder: http://vpi.calgarywaterford.org    Webmaster: Dan McLean: navdan@ns.sympatico.ca

12. Next Gathering: Ideal date would have been Sept 22, however, that will be the 3rd Friday of September, so, in order to avoid the menu problem. It appears as if I jumped the gun a wee bit regarding the proposed date for our next get-together. Early September has never been a good time, so the 8th is out (besides, Dan the Man will be on vacation). The 15th is the third Friday and will pose a problem re food services. The 22nd is the start of 407 Sqn's reunion in Comox and on the 29th Elton John is in town (WOW!). So, upon careful re-deliberation, we're going to reset the date to:
Fri. Oct 6th @ 1130-1330.  Mewata Armouries. Book it!

13. E/Off @ 1315

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