VPI Calgary Minutes of Meeting One - Held 12 Mar 04

VPI Calgary

First Gathering of VPI Calgary, 12 Mar 04.

1. E/ON @ 1130 (12 Mar 04), Brewster's @ Eau Claire.

2. Crew (in alpha order): Austin Hayes, Garth Irvine, Brian Kaban, Don Little, Ron Lorenz, Dan McLean, Bill Moir, Dave Watson. A formidable beginning - crew of eight (out of a max poss 12).

3. Decisions:

a. Unanimous that we continue as a group and that we meet quarterly (UFN).

b. Attempt to gather in a quieter location, hopefully at the Armouries Mess on 11th St. Ron Lorenz forac.

c. No Wing formation at this time (we need more info from VPI HQ). However, we will continue to call ourselves VPI Calgary (VPI YC).

4. Other Salient Points:

a. Ron & Dave invite us all to join in the revelry of the Aircrew Association of Southern Alberta which meets weekly in the Armouries Mess on Thursdays @ 1100. Ron is the VP. Dress code in effect most of the year and, just to reiterate, you have to be at least 85 to make it to the head table. Average age is 82 and they're looking for some young-bloods ( like us).

b. RCAF 80th Anniversary Mess Dinner to be held at the Aerospace Museum (McKnight Blvd east to McCall Way), 26 March, 1800 for 1900. Old Mess kits or suitable civilian attire. Cost approx $35. Reservations (if you haven't already received the invitation) thru Ron Lorenz (email as above) or phone 239-6436.

c. Dan McLean (aka Navdan) who designed the website for VPI ZX, has kindly consented to do the same for us here in Calgary, using the KISS principle, of course. Nothing too fancy, Dan, and certainly there's no hurry. Perhaps you could hold off until we've had at least a second gathering so we can determine a modicum of continued success before you spend time on the project.{Site was up and operational same day}

d. Don Little has "volunteered" to hold the VPI YC reins, UFN, and will coordinate the various combinations and permutations (until replaced by a more voluntary volunteer).

5. Next Gathering: Fri. 18 Jun 04. Mark your calendars now! 1130hrs. Location TBD.

6. E/OFF @ 1400

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12 Mar 04 12:37

12 Mar 04 12:37

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